Corn Hole Review

Mr. Bouchard is a science teacher in 7th grade. He has been doing review games for a while. Starting January 7, he began Corn Hole review for any subject we are working on. We are working on the body systems right now in Science. There is a 1, 5, 10, 25 point line to shoot from. From the 1 and 5 point line, your team’s bag has to land between the yellow lines. Then from the 10 and 25 point line it can go any where. If it goes in the hole the it is double. Recently he added a ball and the ball doubles it. Then if it goes in the hole it is quadruples. It can not go off the wall because it will not count.

~Sophia Bouchard


Spirit Week

Superhero or cartoon Character Day!!! Monday was Favorite Team and Hat Day, Tuesday was Twin Day, Thursday is wear your school colors day, and Friday is Camo Day. Dress up with your friends and have fun together this week. Are you gonna be Batman, Superman, the Flash, Super Women, someone from Star Wars, or something else? Support the basketball team and school by wearing the school color on Thursday. Hide out from everyone on Friday by wearing  camo. WE HOPE YOU HAVE FUN AND PARTICIPATE DURING SPIRIT WEEK!!

~Caydrian Slade

PE Basketball Tournament

In PE, students have been participating in the annual Basketball Tournament. They are divided into teams of five to eight. Each day, students compete using a half-court, girl’s side and boy’s side. Each team has a team captain. The team captain reports their team’s loss or win at the end of each game.

Soon, students will start a knock-out tournament. During this time, every team that loses will be knocked out. Eventually, the remaining teams will play full court. Whoever wins the last game, wins the tournament. Good luck, guys!

~Sayda Barton

What’s a Hero?

Ever wonder what makes a hero a hero? Well, in Ms. Granado’s 7th grade English Language Arts class, that’s exactly what they’re doing. In class, students are using their chromebooks to study real-life heroines. They are writing essays to compare these legends to Suzanne Collins’ Katniss Everdeen, the hero of The Hunger Games. Students will complete Blendspace lessons and type their essays. They are working together and having fun!

~ Sayda Barton

Basketball Season

Who’s ready?  Basketball season is coming up and our players are good and ready. Congratulations to all who made the team!  Dillard is proud of you!

The first  basketball game will be at home on December 7th. All are invited to come watch the Dillard team play hard and win for their school. Good luck students and play with pride. Hopefully, we will go undefeated in basketball this year. Go Bulls!             

~ Sayda Barton

A Monster Book Fair

Do you think that ghost go to book fairs? Come by and find out. There are going to be all kinds of books at the book fair. The book fair will start on Friday, October 29, in room C114 on the main hall. There are going to be highlighters, bookmarks, cool pencils. There will also be smelly pencils and the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book will be released on November 3rd. And yes, classes are allowed to come to the book fair during their regular library time or with teacher permission. The fair will also be open after school until 3:30.

~Brittney Miller

Who is Mrs. Turner?

    Who is Mrs.Turner? Have you noticed the friendly new face in the front office? That is Mrs.Turner, our new school secretary! She loves Dillard and she thinks it is a very busy place. She started working at Dillard on August 18, 2015, one week before the students started school. Before she started working here, she worked at UNC. In her spare time, Mrs.Turner loves to read, garden, and go to her kids’ sports games. You know Mrs.Turner loves her job when she says, ”I love getting to talk to so many different people, and I love trying to be a good part in the students’ day.”

Welcome to Dillard, Mrs.Turner!

~ Caydrian Slade

A Winning Season



Congratulations to our Dillard Bulls tennis team! The girls won the championship and have gone undefeated this season. It was a good year and we are all very proud of them. They all played hard, had  determination, and played with persistence. This year continues the team’s streak, following last year’s winning season.It was a good year, as well as last year. Congratulations to Carrie Brown, Cameron Brown, Katherine Wallace, Imani Corbett, Jasmyn Reed, Sarah Kate Watlington, Lyniah Slade, Sydnee Barton and Hannah McNeil. Good job, Lady Bulls!

~Sayda Barton

About Chromebooks

    Are you wondering why Chromebooks are helpful? Well, they are because we can use them on our projects, help us understand the lesson, or even go to sites to help us take a test. We can do these things without going to the computer lab. Now, we don’t have to wait for a computer lab spot! When when we are done with our work, if the teacher says we can, we play games on Chromebooks or look up information.

~Sophia Bouchard

Fine Dinning at It’s Finest

In my Family and Consumer Science class, taught by Mrs. Winstead, we had the opportunity to experience formal dining. When I entered the classroom I was highly impressed with how formal it was. It was really nice. The table was set formally with dishes, utensils, and glasses all in their proper place.

After I sat down, I noticed how everyone’s utensils, cups, napkins were on the same side of their plate. Therefore you would use the cup to your right and the bread plate to your left. In class we learned where everything went in the table setting, to help prepare us to avoid using someone else’s dishes.

I have never actually experienced formal dining until yesterday (October 20). I’ve been to restaurants where the table setting is similar, but I’ve never dined quite so formally.

~Rain Watkins

DSCN6388 DSCN6389